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Insider tips and techniques for building, configuring, and deploying Amazon Connect

On Demand Workshop

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Slightly technical, with a good mix of business and practical application, this 4-hour virtual workshop covers core concepts related to the provisioning, configuration, and management of Amazon Connect. 

Join Gene Ellington, Solutions Architect, and Rick Rizzo, Senior Solutions Consultant, from VoiceFoundry to gain:

  • General knowledge of various AWS services leveraged alongside Amazon Connect
  • A sneak peek at new product feature releases for Connect
  • A glimpse into available integration methods to CRM, WFM, and other 3rd-party add-ons
  • A deeper understanding of the standard deployment models for an Amazon Connect contact centre
  • The ability to perform basic call routing and configure and deploy a simple lex-bot

Who Should Watch

Solution architects, IT decision makers and business stakeholders who want to understand the value and scope of Amazon Connect.


Introduction (10 mins)

  • Intros
  • What is Amazon Connect?
  • Why Amazon Connect?

Concept Introduction (30 mins)

  • Amazon Connect terms (and their equivalents)
  • The build process

Premade Demo – present scenario (30 mins)

  • Explain Scenario
  • Demonstrate a completed Amazon Connect instance from front to back (from customer to agent)
  • Demonstrate the agent experience (using AD and connect native)
  • Demonstrate the customer experience
  • Demonstrate reporting

New Instance Build Demo – present scenario (90 mins)

  • Explain Scenario – link scenario requirements to Amazon Connect terms
  • Perform the preparation (document RPs, contact flows, queues, etc)
  • Build the instance
  • Demonstrate reporting
  • Demonstrate agent and customer experience
  • Complete configuration

Advanced Feature Configuration (60 mins)

  • AWS Lambda & DDB

          - Initialisation

          - Public Holidays

  • Contact Lens

          - Setup rules for RT and PC transcription

Q&A (10 mins)


Gene Ellington, Solutions Architect

Gene Ellington joined the VoiceFoundry team in 2016 as a Solutions Architect and is a 20+ year veteran of the contact centre industry. Prior to working at VoiceFoundry he used his experience and knowledge to assist customers with deployments of predominately premise-based inbound and outbound contact centre and workforce optimization solutions. He joined VoiceFoundry to enable clients with innovative and industry leading AWS solutions and services, including Amazon Connect.

Rick Rizzo, Senior Solutions Consultant APAC

Rick Rizzo is a Senior Solutions Consultant for VoiceFoundry APAC and has over 20 years of experience in Contact Centres and IT telephony for many well-known enterprises in Australia. Rick’s experience is utilised heavily to understand our customer requirements holistically, and design contact centre solutions which suit their needs from a multi-channel perspective. Rick has worked with the many enterprise customers to help them achieve their contact strategy outcomes, focusing on the right outcomes for the business, and the customer.

About VoiceFoundry

With a legacy of over 40 years in the contact centre environment, VoiceFoundry provides customized contact centre solutions that empower customers to deliver intelligent and dynamic customer experiences across all channels, leveraging AWS. VoiceFoundy specializes in the design and delivery of Amazon Connect, a cloud-based enterprise contact centre solution used globally.

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