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5 Paths to Contact Center Transformation with Amazon Connect Conversational Analytics

What’s in a conversation? For those with conversational analytics at their fingertips, the answer is “quite a lot.” In the contact center environment, recording and analyzing agent and customer conversations is nothing new. Neither is categorizing the data obtained from those conversations with performance-based metrics such as average handle time and average speed of answer occupancy, along with other KPIs.

However, the advent of conversational analytics has created an exciting shift in contact centers. Organizations are not only able to transcribe and sanitize conversations, but also automatically gather metrics for KPIs and pinpoint common patterns to guide day-to-day and long-term strategy. We’ll cover the benefits of using them below.

The Power of the Cloud

Conversational analytics from Amazon Connect offer these five benefits to transform your contact center operations:

Self-service natural language indicators

These indicators allow contact centers to surface repeated patterns and lower-value interactions that come up in conversation. You can then use that data to inform and improve your self-service strategy, automating high-volume, low-value customer interactions – freeing up agents for complex calls that require more skill.

Custom vocabulary capabilities

Along with real-time surfacing of issues, conversational analytics also promote natural language self-service across human and bot interactions with customers. These capabilities can be run broadly across every conversation, or only turned on when you notice an uptick in call volume or customer contact to glean insights into what’s happening in your environment.

This means you can use the verbiage your customers are using to get on the same page and give them the answers they need more quickly, either through automation or by dedicating agents to that specific category. You can also tune the language model that’s capturing and transcribing conversations up front by providing industry- or company-specific terms to make transcriptions even more accurate and data even deeper.

Real-time surfacing of issues

Get insights that scale from conversations agents are having with customers in real time. Whether these insights surface issues customers are experiencing on the frontend or they have to do with security measures or other matters, our conversational analytics can give you the reason for a rapid increase of customer contacts so you can plan ahead. You can better address customer concerns through a change to call routing or self-service options as soon as someone contacts your company.

Per-use pricing

No inheriting of technical debt here. Our conversational analytics are on a pay-for-what-you-use basis. If you’re using them during a security breach that gets resolved, you don’t have to buy anything once the incident is finished.

Built-in recording

When you invest in conversational analytics, you get automatic recording and transcription of conversations. The written transcript provides customer sentiment indicators, which enable pattern matching and trendspotting to find trends and patterns that you may not have known to look for previously.

Fuel better insights into Voice of Customer trends and a more informed self-service strategy.

Discover how VoiceFoundry can help transform your contact center data with Amazon Connect conversational analytics.

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