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Achieve True Digital Resilience and Improve Customer Experience Through Digitalization

In the insurance industry — both in Europe and around the world — change is constant. Whether you’re striving to rebuild connections with your customers or enhancing and personalising engagement throughout the process, the route there can be uncertain. At VoiceFoundry, a TTEC Digital company, we’re here to help with guidance on how to turn your insurance organisation into a truly integrated digital business.

Digitising your insurance organisation leads to creating exceptional customer experiences. It also means leveraging new and existing technologies to get a real-time, 360-degree view of every customer interaction across sales channels and interfaces to win — and keep — customers.

In their latest analyst brief, “Zero-to-Digital Customer Relationships: Insurance Organisations’ Route to Insurance Digital Resilience,” IDC offers insights specifically for insurance organisations in EMEA. Get a quick overview below, and then download the full report for more details.

How to Achieve True Digital Resilience and Enhance CX

Step 1: Enhance and Personalise Customer Experience

Welcome customers to your organisation with a fully automated, self-service-enabled first impression. Strive to personalise their experience by making communications simple but impactful and offering options for customers to earn rewards. You can also enhance CX through educating on insurance literacy, sending alerts during unexpected events, and making claims assistance empathetic and quick for customers.

Step 2: Leverage the Power of Data

Rebuild or set up processes and systems to build insights from traditional interaction opportunities, and then combine this data from other sources for a fuller picture of your customers and their expectations for your business. Create a robust data foundation to proactively communicate with existing customers and anticipate and prepare for the needs of new ones.

For more details and additional steps to empower your insurance organisation to rebuild connections with customers, enhance and personalise customer engagements, and unlock latent demand, check out the full IDC analyst brief.

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