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What would you do if your contact center could easily query your customer data? I’ve written before about the power of using AWS Lambda to access customer data. It’s one of a number of cloud services that make up Amazon’s Cognitive CX suite.

For me Cognitive CX it is about being able to easily access customer and operational data and use it to provide smart customer experiences.

It’s what marketers are constantly striving to achieve – providing a one-to-one personalized experience for each customer.

It means providing automation where it makes sense and prioritizing high value customers. It may mean using it in conjunction with machine learning to predict customer behavior – perhaps to identify churn, up-sell or cross-sell opportunities. Perhaps you’d use it to drive process improvement and create better experiences.

Features include:

  • transcribe and translate in real-time
  • key word & phrase spotting in real-time
  • categorization
  • sentiment analysis
  • next best action to assist the agent

Cognitive CX services used include Amazon Connect, Lambda, Kinesis Video Streams, Transcribe, Translate & Comprehend.

What would you do with easy access to your customer data?