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Setting the New Standard in User Experience

Any chance you remember the last time you had a really horrible customer experience? Maybe it was pretty recent and you just got hair-raising chills going back to that moment. Ok, so stop there.

Now, on a happier note, are you able to remember a blow-your-socks-off great customer experience? Perhaps it was in a store. Or on an airplane. Or maybe it was doing something as simple as making an online purchase. Whatever it was, great customer experiences seem to stand out more than bad ones. And sadly, those over-the-top-genuinely-want-to-help experiences are few and far between. How do we consistently offer these great experiences and set the bar for a new level of customer service? We suggest you look at revamping the User Experience Design (UX).

UX Design is intended to develop clear, efficient, user-friendly interactions between customers and businesses through a variety of applications. It is more than just recording prompts for your IVR with a voice that ‘sounds good’ or designing a call flow that gets the customer where they need to go. An effective communication interface is intuitive. It is efficient, saving customers’ time and keeping their frustration levels down. A connection is made that is clear and easy to understand, giving the customer a positive experience.

So, what does all this really mean? By using just the right mix of technology and humans, the experience can be tailored to each customer, giving them the impression that the call was customized just for them. This shows dedication to the customer on the part of the business and increases loyalty – which, we all know, helps the bottom line.

Let us help you enhance the value of every customer interaction with our User Experience Design expertise. Our data-driven approach to evaluating the operation of your contact center leads to increased call productivity, decreased opt-outs and operating costs and an overall improved customer satisfaction rate. VoiceFoundry uses a tried and true method of Discovery, Design and Deployment to thoroughly evaluate and enrich the overall customer experience. So how do you go about doing this?