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As we close out 2019, we can look back at some of the year’s most extensive disasters, from tornadoes touching down in the Midwest to fires on the West Coast to some of the most powerful hurricanes along the Eastern seaboard. It seems there is no shortage of tragedies that test our resilience. For those that must respond in a disaster situation, the ability to communicate is critical. Communication systems can be tested and pushed to the limit and contact centers can quickly become overwhelmed as they attempt to meet the needs of callers.

VoiceFoundry is focused on disaster response services, ensuring the availability of mission-critical contact center functions. With the scalable, flexible and comprehensive capabilities of Amazon Connect, businesses can be assured that in the event of a natural disaster or human-error-related outage, it is still “business as usual” for customers. This approach qualified VoiceFoundry to recently achieve the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Public Safety and Disaster Response Competency.

With a comprehensive disaster response practice, VoiceFoundry is dedicated to supporting efforts to prepare and respond in the event of a disaster or unavoidable set of circumstances that might affect contact centers. We are uniquely focused around customer experience, customer facing and contact center assets that leverage Amazon Connect and AWS services to ensure mission-critical support. Our practice includes architecture planning, design, deployment and operational management of Amazon Connect and AWS services in support of a disaster response situation. Our process includes a broad analysis of hundreds of impacting elements including integrations, global scale, human asset engagement, speed for conversion and economic impact.

AWS Competency Programs highlight AWS Partner Network (APN) partners who have demonstrated either a technical or proven customer success in key critical solution areas. The achievement of the AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency certification differentiates VoiceFoundry as an APN member that demonstrates technical proficiency and proven customer success implementing workloads focused on Disaster & Public Safety Operational Tools. To receive this designation, APN associates must possess deep AWS expertise and deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS.

VoiceFoundry is proud to be part of this newly launched competency in support of our customers that may require a quick approach to disaster response in order to ensure public safety. Our business is driven to ensure the best customer experience in a contact center environment that leverages Amazon Connect and AWS services to ensure mission-critical support. With over 100+ years of cumulative experience delivering exceptional contact center solutions and a rapidly expanding global presence, VoiceFoundry makes it easy for customers to quickly and effectively deploy or migrate to Amazon Connect for their contact center. Click here for more information on VoiceFoundry’s Disaster Response Services.