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VoiceFoundry CTI Connector now available from the Freskdesk Marketplace

VoiceFoundry is passionate about partnering to create applications that drive the customer experience. We are proud to announce the availability of a VoiceFoundry CTI Connector with the Freshdesk Marketplace help desk ticketing solution that is based on the AWS Connect platform.

This radical CTI Connector forges the way for companies to quickly and cost-efficiently integrate AWS Connect with Freshdesk, giving contact center agents access to information they need to provide an exceptional experience for every call. Freshdesk customers and prospects can now leverage this advanced integration alongside AWS Connect in order to deliver a world class experience to their customers.

Contact Center agents can instantly view caller information using a CTI screen pop – with contact info, service history, ticket ID – or are able to simply open up a new ticket. This functionality allows agents to quickly resolve customer issues with their immediate access to customer data and without the need to re-request information from the customer.

The VoiceFoundry CTI Connector will continue to expand in functionality as Freskdesk customers adopt the AWS Connect solution. Future features include embedding full call control within the Freshdesk console as well as expanded data integration and reporting between the systems.

We believe this is a significant game-changer for those customers considering which telephony platform to run alongside their existing CRM system. Don’t wait! Contact us today for more information and how you can access the application.