Case Studies

Delivering Amazon Connect Solutions with Success

Best Solution for the Best Customer Experience
Amazon Connect proved to be the Contact Center solution suited exactly for the inbound and outbound call traffic requirements needed at AWS HR Services. It provided the flexibility and ease of use which they needed to operate as a self-reliant entity within the larger business environment. VoiceFoundry completed integrations with Salesforce and the migration of all helpdesk functions along with agent support to complete the package. (more…)

Triumph in Making Connections After a Natural Disaster
In response to the deadly natural disasters the summer of 2017, the Red Cross was in urgent need of expanding their call center to receive and respond to thousands of desperate individuals and agencies – and they needed a resolution quickly. Amazon Connect was able to serve as the flexible and scalable solution immediately and the AWS and VoiceFoundry team sent up a new call center with phone lines, call routing rules and trained agents within 48 hours. (more…)

Smarter and Reliable Customer Experience
Agero protects over 115 million vehicles on the road today by providing emergency roadside assistance to almost 10 million requests per year with their call center support services. Agero’s emergency triage capabilities enable them to quickly identify and process a customer’s needs, providing immediate assistance and rescue services when necessary. VoiceFoundry provided the contact center solution for Agero specifically in their partnership with KIA Motors, South Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer. KIA had very specific continuity and back up requirements to be met by Agero in support of their customer helpline. Using Amazon Connect, Lex, Polly, S3 and Kinesis, VoiceFoundry successfully delivered the solution.