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Carsales had been hampered by their inflexible on-premise contact centre which was costly and unreliable. As a result, VoiceFoundry recently launched a fully-integrated contact centre for them, integrating all their applications into one Amazon Connect agent desktop. This change cut costs and allowed the business to provide a more personalised and streamlined customer experience. Moreover, VoiceFoundry offered continuous support to provide a seamless transition.

About is Australia’s largest online marketplace for automotive, motorcycle and marine vehicles. Forging a unique business proposition from the dot-com boom, Carsales is dedicated to reducing customer effort and providing a unique experience. Carsales has 15 unique brands and strengthens their leadership by continuing to drive innovation. Their growth strategy is clear; innovate for long-term sustainability. With 50 staff on the front-line of their customer service team, each month Carsales manages over 10,000 calls, 6,000 emails, live chat, self-service and social media.

The Challenge

Carsales was constrained by an inflexible on-premise contact centre solution. It was unreliable, expensive to maintain and required regular maintenance and upgrades to keep the software current. It also failed to provide deep analytics or functional flexibility to respond quickly to business changes. As a result, the system was unable to keep pace with flexible HR policies, such as the ability for agents to be able to work from any location.

Carsales' aim is to provide a personalised experience for each customer. They recognised the need for a CX solution that could use their customer data in Zendesk and Salesforce CRMs to create a unique experience for each interaction.

The Solution

The solution consisted of Amazon Connect, Calabrio Quality Management and Advanced Reporting and Analytics powered by eMite. Amazon Connect was chosen as the CX orchestration engine to bring the contact centre, CRM data and Quality Management solutions together. Key to the decision was ease of integration of these cloud applications.

Why VoiceFoundry?

VoiceFoundry is AWS’ inaugural Amazon Connect partner and with over 150 CX professionals globally has the most experience and expertise working with AWS’ Cognitive CX portfolio, Calabrio and eMite.

After an exhaustive review of various vendors we decided that Amazon Connect was the best solution to carry our contact centre into the future. VoiceFoundry is the obvious leader to deploy this solution for us.
Muhammad Masri, Customer Service Operations Manager at

The Project

Within three months, VoiceFoundry launched a fully-integrated contact centre solution for Carsales. They successfully integrated all their applications into the one Amazon Connect agent desktop. Consequently, agents no longer had to switch between platforms and had single sign-on to the AWS agent desktop.

From the start we were given a timeline of exactly when the solution would be implemented. Normally these things get pushed out past their deadlines and I was surprised that we were on track every single time! We released it on time too. We did testing and during the release we had VoiceFoundry on-site in the contact centre, supporting through the release.
Muhammad Masri, Customer Service Operations Manager at

The Outcome

The openness of the Amazon Connect platform has allowed Carsales to provide a more personalised experience to their clients. The solution provides both real-time and historical analytics. This gives Carsales immediate access to ''voice of the customer data'' with the ability to quickly initiate changes and reduce customer effort.

The total cost of ownership migrating to Amazon Connect has seen savings of over 50% compared to the previous on-premise solution. Furthermore, Carsales now has a zero infrastructure footprint for their entire contact centre solution which has created savings. The agent requirements are simply a browser and an internet connection.

Amazon Connect has allowed Carsales to take control of their contact centre and make moves, additions and changes without the involvement of IT.