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Agero protects over 115 million vehicles on the road today by providing emergency roadside assistance to almost 10 million requests per year with their call center support services. Agero’s emergency triage capabilities enable them to quickly identify and process a customer’s needs, providing immediate assistance and rescue services when necessary. VoiceFoundry provided the contact center solution for Agero specifically in their partnership with KIA Motors, South Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer. KIA had very specific continuity and back up requirements to be met by Agero in support of their customer helpline. Using Amazon Connect, Lex, Polly, S3 and Kinesis, VoiceFoundry successfully delivered the solution.

About Agero

Agero supports the majority of leading vehicle manufacturers and insurance providers in the US with innovations designed to strengthen their businesses and create stronger, lasting connections with their customers. They have developed a reputation for excellent customer service through their roadside assistance call centers which respond to over 10 million requests for emergency assistance each year. In this instance, Agero partnered with KIA Motors, South Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer, to manage Helpdesk and Customer Affairs inquiries through their contact center.

The Challenge

As an emergency assistance provider, the single biggest problem for Agero was the overall reliability and resiliency of their infrastructure, enabling them to respond quickly in the event of a system outage. An outage within Agero’s environment would have enormous downstream impact for their customers. Also, as their entire business is predicated on supporting emergency situations, an outage would have a profound effect on their ability to support their customers when they’re most needed. In addition, Agero did not have the ability to handle major spikes in traffic with an overflow capability to hand off calls to an automated service. As such, Agero’s support staff became inundated when a major situation arose e.g. inclement weather, disaster, etc. Based on a new partnership with KIA Motors, their stringent service and system continuity requirements meant that Agero had to completely redesign their environment. Major improvements to support failover and system continuity, along with expansion, were required to deliver the necessary service levels to KIA.

Why VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry’s experience in setting up systems quickly and efficiently, as in the Red Cross deployment, was a necessary skill as was the team’s ability to complete the project without disrupting existing imperative customer interactions. Interfering with Agero’s connected, integrated and efficient responses to stressful emergency touchpoints such as crashes, accidents and other 911 incidents was not an option. BPO / Overflow call routing and failover scenarios were unique and complex for this operation that process calls for multiple enterprises and required a planned approach. VoiceFoundry was able to help Agero map out distinct strategies for disaster preparedness, responsiveness and recovery options and ensure that customers, like KIA would be supported without any impact to their service levels.

The Solutions

Agero successfully deployed Amazon Connect to support the Customer Helpline at KIA Motors NA Operations. Agero was able to meet the KIA requirements and provide overflow call routing and failover support to Agero agents or an automated service within minutes in order to maintain support levels in a system impacting event. In doing so, Agero continued to follow their path of “powering the next generation of software-enabled driver safety services and technology, pushing the limits of big data to transform the entire driving experience and making driving smarter and safer for everyone.”

The Benefits

Flexible Integration

An open platform that was easy to integrate with other systems such as a CRM solution meant that the team of Amazon Connect and VoiceFoundry were the best contact center providers for the job. Existing legacy Agero solutions were quickly adapted to work with Amazon Connect.


Agero has a focus of always being the partner of choice, which meant that a consistent and dependable interface with their customers was necessary which blended well the innovative and rock solid Amazon Connect platform.


Our teams strive to disprove the notion that software technology projects have to be complicated and painful. Customers can be assured that design and deployment are efficient and effective resulting in a better customer experience.

About VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry is a leading solution integration and technology supplier to customers focused on leveraging and utilizing Amazon Connect and peripheral AWS services surrounding the Connect ecosystem. VoiceFoundry was one of the very first Amazon Connect partners, launching its practice in 2016 alongside the AWS unveiling of Amazon Connect. With offices in North America, Sydney, London and Singapore, VoiceFoundry is a global specialty partner helping customers achieve success and transformation in the contact center using AWS.

Voice Foundry is a member of the AWS Partner Network with an Advanced Consulting Partner Badge including Channel Partner, Public Sector Partner and Service Delivery Partner designations.