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What happens when a Contact Center agent has their headset plugged in but steps away from their computer and then receives a call?  Or if the agent misses the browser notification that pops up at the bottom of their screen?  Wouldn’t it be nice to enable an additional notification ringtone that plays through a different […]

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Voicemail still holds a great deal of relevance within the modern contact center and is often fundamental to acceptable customer communication. VoiceFoundry delivers Voicemail for Amazon Connect as a vital element for our customers’ contact center operations. This solution provides both agents and supervisors the ability to access voicemail messages on the fly, from any device. […]

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The Amazon Connect Streams API allows you to create custom interfaces for the soft-phone and provides many functions for interacting with the current connection. It is a powerful set of tools but some of the more sophisticated functions may not be so obvious. This blog post describes how to implement a cold transfer using the […]

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