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As we close out 2019, we can look back at some of the year’s most extensive disasters, from tornadoes touching down in the Midwest to fires on the West Coast to some of the most powerful hurricanes along the Eastern seaboard. It seems there is no shortage of tragedies that test our resilience.  For those […]

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There are many familiar and powerful partnerships – Batman and Robin, peanut butter and jelly; each partnership brings to mind the reasons why we love to see them together. The affiliations represent power, strength and the ability to solve a major problem the world might be facing.  In this case,  the newly announced partnership between […]

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After reading our Blog Post titled Amazon Connect and the Agent Desktop, you are now ready to use the extended CCP Demo with your own Amazon Connect instance. By following the steps below, you will be able to set-up your own Amazon Connect Instance using the provided sample extended CCP.   You will be able to […]

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Amazon Connect latency

In an earlier Blog post we discussed the Architecture of Amazon Connect in some detail.  We concluded that a contact center does not have to be big and complex or take years and lots of dollars to create.  But what we didn’t talk about is where you should build your Amazon Connect Instance. Just in […]

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While creating the vision for your Contact Center in the cloud, businesses have an opportunity to consider other elements that can be added to improve the customer experience. Evaluating applications and services that can add value to the way customers interact with your company will keep them satisfied and ultimately, impact the company’s bottom line. […]

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