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The last few months in the Amazon Connect world have really been a whirlwind. We had Salesforce’s annual conference Dreamforce in November, quickly followed by AWS’s own annual conference re:Invent in December. And Amazon Connect appeared in both keynotes by each respective company’s CEO. This is truly an incredible journey for a Contact Center platform […]

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Amazon Connect latency

In an earlier Blog post we discussed the Architecture of Amazon Connect in some detail.  We concluded that a contact center does not have to be big and complex or take years and lots of dollars to create.  But what we didn’t talk about is where you should build your Amazon Connect Instance. Just in […]

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What happens when a Contact Center agent has their headset plugged in but steps away from their computer and then receives a call?  Or if the agent misses the browser notification that pops up at the bottom of their screen?  Wouldn’t it be nice to enable an additional notification ringtone that plays through a different […]

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