• 5-Star Customer Service
    Explore 3 ways to deliver excellent customer service, even when the path diverges from the customer's initial request
    3 Keys to Exceptional Customer Service
  • Serve your customers with speed and agility through CX as a Service
    Now Is the Perfect Time for CX as a Service
  • How can the contact center that operates on razor-thin margins increase wages to attract, hire, and retain workers without breaking the bank?
    3 Ways to Balance Wages and Costs in the Contact Center
  • Breaking down silos – with a strategic partner – can take CX to the next level
    The Business Upside of CXaaS
  • Overnight, priorities were upended, timelines brought forward to 'yesterday' and innovation was accelerated by several years
    The Never-Ending Year
  • Amazon Connect is front and center as a great strategic choice for social distancing
    Connecting the Contact Center
  • A great customer experience begins with a positive employee experience
    3 Tools that Optimize Interactions in Amazon Connect’s Cloud Contact Center
  • An exciting new channel that integrates seamlessly with the Connect ecosystem
    Amazon Connect Chat
  • The last few months in the Amazon Connect world have really been a whirlwind
    A Look Back at Recent Amazon Connect Announcements
  • Disaster
    With a comprehensive disaster response practice, VoiceFoundry is dedicated to supporting efforts to prepare and respond in the event of a disaster
    VoiceFoundry Achieves AWS Public Safety & Disaster Response Competency
  • Partnership
    The partnership between Salesforce and Amazon Web Services is a match made to drive transformation in the contact center marketplace
    Powerful Partnership Creates Powerful Customer and Agent Experiences
  • Where should you build your Amazon Connect Instance?
    Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...But It's Bad for Your Customer Experience!
  • Examples of the variety of contact center solutions available
    Cloud Migration - Build on the Opportunities
  • What would you do if your contact center could easily query your customer data?
    Cognitive CX -AI Powered Insights and Amazon Connect
  • Provide agents and supervisors the ability to access voicemail messages on the fly, from any device
    Voicemail for Amazon Connect
  • A genuine Contact Center as-a-Service has finally arrived in the form of Amazon Connect
    Goodfellas to Good Partners - Contact Center as-a-Service
  • Preparing students for working life through company mentorship programs
    VoiceFoundry Mentors University Students to Employ Lex Chatbots & Amazon Connect
  • re:invent
    The place to be to get up and close with AWS Product, Developer and Partner teams
    re:Invent 2018 - ML & AI Steal the Show
  • Why Amazon Connect is our core CX platform
    Amazon Connect – Lambda and the Open Contact Center
  • 5 Killer Functions
    Being released with a controlled feature set re-enforces Amazon's focus on value vs. feature parity
    Amazon Connect Has Some Killer Features - Where to Go From Here?
  • AI continues to transform the way companies can provide people with a better customer experiences
    Appreciating Natural Language Processing And Natural Language Understanding
  • An assessment of the key benefits that we are seeing Amazon Connect bring to the marketplace
    How Much Does Great Customer Service Matter in Your Business?
  • User experience is something that you don't normally hear about until something goes wrong
    User Experience: Why It Matters
  • The Red Cross decided to engage our services as we are an AWS Partner Network (APN) partner and an expert in the implementation of Amazon Connect
    VoiceFoundry Partners with the American Red Cross and Amazon to Help Save Lives
  • Learn how we implemented a new call center within 48 hours for the American Red Cross
    Scalability Means Connecting Heroes Faster
  • The cloud plays a vital role in handling traffic spikes by providing scalability as well as speed and cost efficiency
    Make The Cloud Part Of Your New Year's Resolution
  • Can a cloud migration do more than just save you money, can it actually improve your customer experience?
    Is Your Head in the Clouds?
  • Customers expect a digital experience when they contact support for assistance
    Evolution of the Contact Center
  • How do we consistently offer these great experiences and set the bar for a new level of customer service?
    Setting the New Standard in User Experience
  • The management of a sports team is not that different from the management of contact center agents
    Baseball and Contact Center Technology
  • Evaluating and analyzing how far it has come is truly a fascinating endeavor
    Voice Is Not Something New... But It's Definitely Improved
  • What do you need to add, enhance or revamp to deliver a better customer experience?
    What's your approach to automation?
  • Customers care about cumulative experiences across multiple touchpoints and multiple channels over time
    More Touchpoints, More Complexity
  • Innovating from the cloud with artificial intelligence
    The Cloud and the Foundation of AI
  • Tips of the trade to help you get started
    Amazon Migration Season is Now
  • Develop applications hosted on AWS that recognize images, add text-to-speech and implement technology from Amazon’s Alexa
    Three Amazon Services You Have Probably Not Heard Of
  • Amazon Lex is a cognitive service that builds conversational interfaces using voice and text.
    Amazon Lex – Another Arm of the Giant
  • How do you set yourself apart from the competition in today’s era of millennials?
    Millennials: Making Them Wait Could Cost you Brand Loyalty
  • VoiceFoundry CTI Connector now available from the Freskdesk Marketplace
    VoiceFoundry Forging Connections That Fuel Customer Experience
  • Offer a more balanced approach to automation and self-service interactions
    Put the human touch into customer interactions with life-like chatbots