Amazon Connect Chat

AWS announced Chat for Amazon Connect just before re:Invent 2019. This is an exciting new channel that integrates seamlessly with the Connect ecosystem. This update includes a new CCP that allows agents to manage both phone calls and chat sessions from the same CCP interface. Chat flows can be designed in the same way that you design call flows in Connect. This allows you to collect information with integrated Lex bots and make routing decisions based on that information before routing to an agent. VoiceFoundry has developed a demo experience that leverages the benefits of this new channel while adding custom integrations into our client side website and agent CCP.

VoiceFoundry Connect Chat Demo

We built a custom client side chat widget using the AmazonConnect Chatjs library, and a custom agent CCP wrapper using the connect streams API. In our example, the user is logged into our website, and we are able to pass user data to the chat session when initialized. The initial interaction is with a Lex bot designed to handle a few intents.

Lex Integration

The first Lex intent demonstrated in the video is payment information, which will send the user’s recent payment info back when triggered. Next is a new claim intent. When this intent is triggered, the chat flow moves to a new Lex bot that gather’s information about the incident, and then walks the user through uploading images of the incident. Once this is complete, the user is transferred to an agent.

Agent Experience

When the agent accepts the chat, the information gathered by the Lex bots is visible in the custom CCP that VoiceFoundry developed, along with the images uploaded through the website. This gives the agent the opportunity to review and validate the info or gather more info.


Contact Flows & Metrics

Connect chat flows are designed through the same UI as call flows, and there are new blocks added for the chat experience such as wait and set disconnect flow. The other blocks have been updated to work with chat as well. Chat transcripts can be saved to S3, and the CTR records can be streamed Kinesis for external data storage and analysis. The chat channel also records metrics which are available in the Connect UI and through the aws-sdk.

You can read more information on configuring Chat in your Connect instance in this AWS article on Reaching More Customers with Web and Mobile Chat on Amazon Connect.