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Disrupting the Contact Center Status Quo

Amazon Connect + Salesforce CRM

VoiceFoundry is proud to be one of the very few organizations on the planet that is partnered with both SalesForce and a premier integrator for Amazon Connect.

Creating the ultimate in customer experience, the partnership between Salesforce and Amazon Web Services promises to be a major disruptor in the contact center technology marketplace. The Salesforce Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect sets the stage for a new way of looking at the customer and agent service experience. VoiceFoundry is eager and excited to support Salesforce customers interested in migrating to Amazon Connect.

The partnership creates a shift in the contact center landscape when it comes to delivering friction-less customer experiences. The tight integration of Amazon Connect with Salesforce Service Cloud Voice allows customers to quickly integrate these two major services in order to meet the demands of customers for a simple, unified and intelligent service experience. The approach for a more unified customer and agent experience places phone, digital channels and CRM data in one central console.

Amazon Connect is positioned as one of the leading disruptors in the global cloud contact center marketplace. And Saleforce CRM is recognized as the best established, full featured application. The recently announced alliance between the two will propel leading enterprises to look at streamlining integration between Amazon Connect and their Salesforce CRM to improve their customer and agent servicing experience.

Check out the Amazon Connect CTI Connector for Salesforce.


Let us help you deploy the Amazon Connect version of Salesforce CRM.


Optimize integration and streamline work effort for customers looking to migrate from a legacy contact center solution such as Avaya, Cisco or Genesys to Amazon Connect.


Create workflow and integration strategies to leverage the newly announced integration.


Take advantage of Amazon Connect with expanded features from both Salesforce and other AWS services such as Transcribe, Comprehend and Amazon Lex.