• By customizing the default outbound whisper flow to use the corresponding caller ID, organizations enhance their brand recognition, standardization, and identifiability.
    Configure Custom Caller ID by Queue within a Default Outbound Whisper Flow
  • Find out how to customize your outbound caller ID with Call Spoofing or 'Custom Caller ID' for Amazon Connect
    How to Set up Call Spoofing in Amazon Connect
  • Perform conversational analytics in real time and post call with Contact Lens for Amazon Connect
    How to Analyze Conversations Using Contact Lens for Amazon Connect
  • Migrating to Amazon Connect? Want to keep your existing phone numbers? Here’s your guide to everything you need to know.
    Porting Your Existing Phone Numbers to Amazon Connect
  • The Amazon Connect Streams API provides us with huge potential to improve the Agent and Customer experience
    Amazon Connect and the Agent Desktop - Improving Agent and Customer Experience
  • Understand your caller's experience once they have left your IVR and are either waiting or dealing with an agent
    Contact Flow Log Analysis with CloudWatch Insights
  • Provide agents the ability to leave pre-recorded messages on a customers' voicemail system
    Voice Drop for Amazon Connect
  • Enables callers to keep their place in queue with a q-bot, also known as a virtual queue
    The ultimate callback in queue survival guide
  • Set-up your own Amazon Connect Instance using the provided sample extended CCP
    Amazon Connect - Extended CCP Demo
  • Enable an additional notification ringtone that plays through a different audio source like your computer’s speakers
    Contact Center Agent Notification - Secondary Ringtone
  • Amazon CloudWatch Dashboard
    Monitor key operational metrics about your contact center
    Monitoring Amazon Connect With CloudWatch Dashboards and Alarms
  • Amazon Connect has excellent reporting features, both for real-time and historical analysis
    Setting up Contact Trace Records for Analysis with Amazon Athena
  • AWS logo
    The same features that an Enterprise level business runs with but it uses the highly available AWS Infrastructure that scales on-demand!
    Architecture of Amazon Connect from 1 to 10,000 Agents...It Grows With You!
  • Create custom interfaces for the soft-phone and provides many functions for interacting with the current connection
    Doing a Cold Transfer with the Amazon Connect Streams API
  • Take a look at the kinds of Data generated by Amazon Connect
    Amazon Connect Data Sources - Part 1
  • What's New & Different?
    Amazon Connect CTI Adapter for Salesforce
  • Rather than monitoring customer interactions by listening to audio files, Amazon Transcribe provides us with an opportunity to take the first step into Machine Learning and data analytics
    Get Insight from Your Call Recordings with Amazon Transcribe
  • 5 tips to help you out with creating chat bots
    5 Non-Programming Items a Developer Needs to Know about Amazon Lex
  • For direct to agent routing, Amazon Connect uses a concept of Personal Queues
    Agent Extension Dialing to Amazon Connect
  • ServiceNow
    Quick Starts are designed to be seamless and deployed in a few simple steps
    The Amazon Connect Quick Start Offerings
  • Kibana
    Explore how sometimes more reporting needs to be designed and implemented in order to meet specific requirements
    Using Kibana for your Amazon Connect Reporting
  • The Contact API for Amazon Connect can be used to update and create new contact attributes
    A Brief Look at the New Update Contact Attributes API
  • Your user experience can be improved vastly through the use of a chatbot
    Using Amazon Lex and Polly to Create a Chatbot for Your Contact Center