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10 Tips for Amazon Connect Migration

We have compiled 10 quick tips for you to consider during your Amazon Connect migration to enhance call center technology, contact center solutions, and overall customer service .

When looking to make changes, most organizations grapple with the same questions: How do I create a plan to migrate my call center to the cloud? How can I easily make the Amazon Connect migration? What applications do I need to eliminate, enhance, or simply redo? What Amazon Connect migration service should I take advantage of?

That’s why we are focused on making migrations to Amazon Connect nothing less than spectacular. Based on our extensive experience in designing and deploying Amazon Connect, we have compiled a quick 10 tips for you to consider as you look at migration to the cloud call center.

  • Learn: Understand the power of AWS and Amazon Connect migration service, its game-changing differences and unique feature set.
  • Assess: Conduct an assessment of your business objectives against your existing contact center technology, including contact flows, sentiment analysis, speech-to-text, and real time analytics.
  • Determine: Consider what you’re doing for Advanced Automation and explore how Amazon Connect migration can expand those capabilities with applications like Amazon Lex. 
  • Evaluate: What is the overall vision for your contact center service?  How do you want customer experience to feel?

To read the full checklist and tips for making the most of the Amazon Connect migration service, download the full white paper, “10 Tips for Amazon Connect Migration.”

About VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry is a leading integration and technology supplier to customers focused on leveraging the power of Amazon Connect and other peripheral AWS Services surrounding the Connect ecosystem. VoiceFoundry was one of the very first Amazon Connect partners, launching its practice in 2016 alongside the AWS unveiling of Amazon Connect. With offices in North America, Sydney, London and Singapore, VoiceFoundry is a global specialty partner helping businesses achieve success and transformation in the call center using AWS.

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