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Our Services

Building the Next Generation of Contact Centers

VoiceFoundry is uniquely focused on helping businesses improve customer engagement while maximizing the benefits of the cloud. We work across a wide variety of industries, creating solutions that drive interactive experiences which increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and deliver real business value. It’s our passion. Our team is specifically focused on designing and implementing solutions for Amazon Connect in addition to other Amazon capabilities that drive customer engagement.

Cloud Migration

Businesses seek to migrate their contact center technologies to the cloud for various reasons including reducing costs, lowering risk, speed to scale and in some cases, to gain access to new innovative capabilities like AI, Machine Learning and more. Whatever the reason, VoiceFoundry can help you create the best migration strategy.

Managed Services

VoiceFoundry Managed Services include a comprehensive set of delivery options to ensure we meet your expectations – so you can meet your customer’s expectations. Select just a few services a la carte or choose the whole program. Our Managed Services offering is specifically focused on Amazon Connect as well as other Amazon services that drive customer engagement.

Contact Center Consulting

If you are considering moving to Amazon Connect or simply incorporating new capabilities such as AI or chat, VoiceFoundry will get you pointed in the right direction. Our team of contact center experts can help you navigate the big changes that might result from migrating to the cloud or adding new features to your existing solutions. We offer a complete suite of consulting services from discovery and assessment to project management and UX/UI design services.