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Add-Ons for Amazon Connect

Maximize Your Amazon Connect Reach

Our proprietary solutions enhance and extend the benefits of your cloud contact center. Built on AWS, our Amazon Connect add-ons help you improve customer interaction quality, gain better insights, improve agent coaching and training, increase customer convenience, reduce contact center management overhead, streamline operations, simplify agent processes and workflows, and provide a more personalized experience to every customer engagement.

Agent Desktop

VoiceFoundry’s Agent Desktop for Amazon Connect enables contact center agents to provide frictionless and personalized customer experiences by delivering a holistic view of every customer interaction, across channels, in one centralized platform, empowering better agent performance and fueling exceptional customer experiences.

Amazon Chime SDK Implementation

With proven success in delivery, VoiceFoundry’s Amazon Chime SDK implementation helps our customers follow best practices for AWS services while tailoring their Amazon Chime SDK powered communication solutions to fit their specific needs.

Automated Chatbot Implementation

Informed by over 400 client engagements, VoiceFoundry’s Automated Chatbot implementation results in a fully customizable bot that reduces workforce overhead and saves agents time and effort by replacing time-consuming manual chat processes with automated chatbots – automating, streamlining, and improving the chat experience for your customers and agents.

Call Coach

VoiceFoundry’s Call Coach for Amazon Connect empowers contact center supervisors with the tools and information they need to improve efficiency and customer service quality. Call Coach captures both audio and screen recording from a desktop application or virtual environment, giving call center supervisors the ability to review each customer interaction and uncover agents’ personal coaching and training needs.

CTI Integrations

VoiceFoundry delivers advanced CTI integration for Amazon Connect, offering contact center agents the ability to easily look up customer profile information and deliver a more efficient interaction. Agents spend less time on tedious and redundant lookups, and more time focusing on servicing customers’ immediate needs without searching for information, reducing handle times and increasing customer satisfaction.

Data Analytics Package

VoiceFoundry’s Data Analytics Package for Amazon Connect is a robust reporting and business intelligence tool that provides insight into the performance of your contact center through a data visualization dashboard with a wide range of visualizations, beyond the basic data analytics provided by Amazon Connect.

Extended Softphone

VoiceFoundry’s Extended Softphone builds upon Amazon Connect’s native Contact Control Panel (CCP), providing agents a unified view of their contacts and interactions with features like a customizable Screen Pop, contact attributes display, phone directory, customizable caller ID for outbound dialing, agent transfer capabilities, queue metrics insight, and call history data.

Operations Management Portal

VoiceFoundry’s Operations Management Portal for Amazon Connect provides a simple way to manage and customize features of your contact center configuration to personalize the customer experience, with easy management of contact center calendars, menus, custom configurations, user permissions and environment syncs all in one place.

Scheduled Callbacks

VoiceFoundry’s Scheduled Callbacks for Amazon Connect gives your customers the freedom to connect at their convenience and on their terms, giving customers more control over their own schedule, reducing wait times, and increasing convenience by allowing customers to schedule a call back from an agent at a specified date and time frame.


VoiceFoundry’s Voicemail for Amazon Connect enables businesses to increase customer satisfaction by making it easier and more convenient to call their contact center outside of business hours or during peak wait times with a one-stop-shop voicemail solution. Easily turn off and on custom recordings, listen to messages, and delete, forward, or even return calls all within one easy-to-use web interface.