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Professional AWS WFM services from VoiceFoundry available in the AWS Marketplace

VoiceFoundry, a TTEC Digital Company, is one of the first Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partners to quote and contract end-to-end customer engagement and experience as a service solutions (CXaaS) in AWS Marketplace. As organizations migrate to the cloud, they want to use their preferred software solutions on AWS. Amazon Web Services Marketplace streamlines purchasing and billing for software and related professional services like customer service cloud solutions, enabling companies to procure workforce management (WFM) technology quickly.

VoiceFoundry orchestrates end-to-end customer-centric cloud solutions for enterprise clients to improve customer satisfaction. As an industry leader in supporting and deploying Amazon Connect customers, as well as other seamless integrations with Amazon services, AWS customers often rely on professional services from VoiceFoundry to manage their software in the cloud. And with professional AWS WFM services from VoiceFoundry, customers have a simplified way to purchase and be billed for managers solutions, and related call center services in a centralized place. Customers can further streamline their purchase of AWS WFM solutions with standard contract terms to simplify and accelerate procurement cycles.

Amazon Connect Services

Cloud-based call center with quick start deployment and simple management for agents and supervisors, offered with no up-front payments or long term contracts.

Amazon Lex Services

Integrates with Amazon Connect to simplify speech recognition and natural language understanding through conversational interfaces, also known as BOTs.

Calabrio Services

Analytics, AWS WFM and QM suite helps you schedule agents, monitor agent status and agent productivity, and call center performance to improve customer service.

CTI Connector for ServiceNow

The ServiceNow CTI Connector is seamlessly integrated to improve the customer service experience by simplifying day-to-day call center activities to increase agent productivity.

eMite Custom Reporting Services

Advanced, real time and historic data visualization via dashboards and wallboards for Amazon Connect customers to gain insights into call volume and other custom agent KPIs.

Verint Services

Drive connected customer service with call center automation, AI, and cloud security software with a focus on customer engagement optimization and cyber intelligence.

Make the Move to the Cloud and Optimize Customer Experience

As an AWS Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner (MSCP), our Cloud Migration, Digital Transformation, and CX Consulting solutions enable companies to quickly deploy remote call center technologies to meet increasing demands for customer engagement.

AWS WFM and Marketplace Skilled Consulting Partner

VoiceFoundry knows that there are no two customer journeys that are the same, and migrating to a cloud-based call center platform is no different. We offer a complete suite of consulting services from discovery and assessment to project management and UX/UI design services.

If you are considering moving your call center to the cloud or simply incorporating new capabilities such as AI, machine learning, or conversational chatbots, VoiceFoundry will get you pointed in the right direction.

  • Detailed design review sessions for setup, configuration, and contact flow requirements
  • Business needs and CX strategy assessment
  • Cloud-based technology readiness assessment
  • Map requirements and develop pilot migration roadmap
  • Onboarding and success plan for monitoring and support
  • User experience design services
  • Systems integration and channel orchestration strategy
  • AI and automation optimization assessment
  • Digital transformation consulting
  • Managed services

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