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Smarter Chatbots and Virtual Agents for your Contact Center

The Bot Customer Experience

Conversational AI, Virtual Assistance and the use of Bots are on the rise today. The terminology can be confusing and so it is important to understand the differences in order to determine what is best for your customers. Understanding how customers interact with your business and their preferences for engagement are a must.

Businesses are looking for ways to deliver a better conversational approach to meets their customers’ needs in this day of fast-paced communication and right-now resolution. Many businesses are increasingly looking to incorporate sophisticated bot communications, which is why VoiceFoundry offers a full suite of services that leverage the power of Amazon solutions like Amazon Connect, Lex, Polly and more in order to deliver a complete experience.

Why exactly are chatbots so important and how do they work?

Sophisticated bot solutions allow businesses to offer a more relevant and personalized experience, driving up retention while lowering costs to the business. Bots connect customers with the information they need quickly or routing them to the best skilled agent for their inquiry.

Customer Benefits

  • Offer immediate response, no waiting on hold
  • Deliver more accurate information, driving down first call resolution
  • Create personalized and relevant interactions
  • Give customers choice in how to communicate based on their preferences

Business Benefits

  • Ability to scale to meet massive influx of communications
  • Lower operational costs, reducing live agent expense
  • Enable cross sell and up sell opportunities, increasing revenue
  • Drive customer loyalty and retention

Agent Benefits

  • Increased agent knowledge, resulting in delivery of best response for the customer
  • Create a better agent experience, empowering them with information to better serve the customer
  • Improve overall efficiency and productivity of each agent

Amazon Web Services Supported

Amazon Connect

Amazon Polly

Amazon Lex

AWS Lambda

Amazon EC2

Amazon Cloudwatch

Amazon SageMaker

Amazon EMR

VoiceFoundry's Conversational AI Accelerator

Our Conversational AI Accelerator helps you create and launch a conversational bot in as little as 8 weeks.

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