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CTI Integration for Freshdesk

VoiceFoundry CTI Connector for Freshdesk now available in the Freshdesk Marketplace and the Amazon Solution Space.

The Freshdesk integration, developed by VoiceFoundry, allows Freshdesk customers to quickly integrate Amazon Connect call details into a clean, simple module within the Freshdesk workspace. This gives agents quick access to customer details including ticket history to ensure customer’s support needs are easily resolved.

Screen Pop

Incoming calls generate a screen pop of the caller information, eliminating the need for the agent to search for customer information. Agents can greet the customer by name with all of their account information at their fingertips.

Click to Dial

With CTI integration an agent can simply click any highlighted number and the phone will dial directly. No need to punch in numbers.

Create a New Ticket

Agents can easily open a new ticket with a single click in the screen pop window. All information is updated in the customer record.

New Contact

Easily create a new contact in the screen pop window. All caller information is added to the new contact information in the CRM.

With more information, agents can create an enhanced customer experience every time.

Rather than spending time on tedious and redundant lookups, the Freshdesk integration seamlessly allows agents to focus on servicing customer’s immediate needs without searching for information, thereby reducing handle times and increasing customer satisfaction.

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