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AI & Machine Learning

Creating a Predictive Customer Experience

AI has proven the potential to drive significant enhancements to the customer experience, with the ability to make each interaction relevant and more personalized than ever. AI fueled with real-time data from various channels and analyzed, increases the effectiveness of responses with more contextual interactions. AI matched with machine learning is a powerful combination to not only leverage all data inputs, but also the ability to use ML algorithms to increase the overall effectiveness of outputs and results.

Building a powerful AI experience includes combining several capabilities:

Machine Learning: Offering customers more relevant and contextual information that is continuously improved over time based on trends or patterns in data.

Predictive analytics: Gathering information from multiple data resources in order to identify trends and deliver more predictive outcomes or responses.

Business rules: Combined with AI, agents can quickly offer customers responses that are relevant and specific to their business needs. 

Enrich the Customer Experience with AI

AI is proving to be a critical component in nearly every customer interaction and offers big benefits to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of agents as well.

  • Increase caller first call resolution by delivering more relevant responses that resolve customer inquiries the first time.
  • Ensure callers are routed to the best skilled agent, reducing transfers and customer frustration.
  • Increase self-service using AI driven chatbots that allow customers to get answers immediately to simple or common inquiries.
  • Streamline contact center forecasting and scheduling, which are typically manual tasks, with more efficient and effective planning, leveraging machine learning.
  • Optimize existing Voice Response and Self-Service with AI and machine learning to deliver a broader set of responses that are more relevant and tailored to the customer.

As customer demands for immediate response and resolution increase, the need to generate intelligent and relevant responses is critical. Contact centers today are actively looking to add Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance existing self-service applications in order to enhance the experience across all channels of interaction.

Building on the Amazon Portfolio of Services for the Contact Center

The Amazon portfolio provides the largest and most effective set of machine learning and AI services in the market.

  • Voice Applications with Amazon Lex: Amazon Lex simplifies the ability to support speech recognition and natural language understanding through conversational interfaces, also known as BOTs. Our experience in building highly sophisticated IVR (voice) and ITR (text) applications enables us to provide sophisticated applications through best business practices and deliver a highly engaging and unique experience with lifelike conversations.
  • Text to Speech with Amazon Polly: Leverage the power of Amazon Polly to develop applications which deliver customers a powerful lifelike voice experience. Our experts work to create a unique experience based upon the customer’s profile or preference, enhancing their overall interaction.
  • Incorporate Machine Learning with Amazon Sagemaker.