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ServiceNow CTI Connector

Empower Agents and Drive Effective Interactions with Amazon Connect Integrations

VoiceFoundry delivers an advanced CTI integration between Amazon Connect and ServiceNow, offering cloud call center agents the ability to easily look up customer journey information in real time to deliver a more efficient customer service. The ServiceNow CTI Connector includes an advanced ServiceNow call center control panel that integrates with ServiceNow’s OpenFrame API. This provides a deeper Amazon Connect integration in order to deliver a frictionless customer experience.

Check out the Amazon Connect ServiceNow CTI Connector in action

The powerful ServiceNow Amazon Connect integration includes cloud resources and operational items like click-to-dial and screen-pop functionality enabling call center agents to easily access customer information and deliver a more efficient interaction.

The ServiceNow CTI Connector, delivered by VoiceFoundry for Amazon Connect integration, is an exciting application that delivers deep integration with Amazon Web Services. The ServiceNow instance is a call center solution that improves the customer support experience and makes day-to-day tasks more productive and simpler.

Key Integration Features of Amazon Connect ServiceNow:

  • Service Management Connector for ServiceNow provides Call Control and Management using the native ServiceNow interface. Agents also have access to Service Catalog Products like manager services.
  • Enables ServiceNow Click-to-Call functionality to quickly contact customers from the ServiceNow instance. Agents can easily click any highlighted number and the phone will dial the number without the need to enter any digits.
  • Collects and delivers call details, customer information and workflows in ServiceNow AWS integration to reduce overall agent handle time and service management.
  • Delivers automated Screen-Pop functionality that dips into the ServiceNow database, providing relevant customer information to the agent to assist in call resolution. Agents can greet the customer more knowledgably and assist with their support inquiry.

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