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Do you want to improve the customer experience of your Contact Center? Most customers today prefer to self-service; they want to get their information through a knowledgebase, wiki page, or forum posts. Millennials have grown up accustomed to email and chat rather than telephone calls. Most millennial customers are going to contact customer service directly […]

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Amazon Connect

  Three Amazon Services You Have Probably Not Heard Of… Earlier this year Amazon introduced three new services and they’re actually pretty cool. Would you expect anything less from the orange giant? The services will help customers develop applications hosted on AWS that recognize images, add text-to-speech and implement technology from Amazon’s Alexa. Amazon Rekognition […]

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  Changing how businesses put the human touch into customer interactions with life-like chatbots. How do you put the humanity back into customer interaction? Over the last few years we have spent so much time and money implementing these great self-service, automated, no-agent needed solutions that we have missed the mark on what customers consider […]

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