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AWS, Red Cross, VoiceFoundry logos

  VoiceFoundry happily assisted the American Red Cross and Amazon Web Services during the disastrous Hurricane Harvey. Because of the scale of the damage and the limited amount of available assistance, The Red Cross, as large an organization as they are, had to call in for back up. They engaged us, VoiceFoundry, to implement Amazon […]

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the Cloud in your business.

Make The Cloud Part Of Your New Year’s Resolution Christmas is so close you can probably taste the peppermint candy canes filling your stockings. But how many of you are actually ready – as in finished – with all of your holiday shopping? The thought of heading anywhere close to the mall right now makes […]

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customer service

    The Cloud and the Foundation of AI Everyone has heard the phrase “in the cloud”. Those white puff balls floating over head seriously contain a massive amount of information – enough to win wars and impeach presidents. While it’s fun to think that the condensed air balls forming animal shapes high in the […]

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  Amazon Migration Season is Now Change is hard, we get it. Remember when research used to be done by scouring through a set of brown and gold encyclopedias that you’d have to hope were still relevant? Who even has the shelf space for something like that anymore? While I miss the feel and the […]

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