Case Study

Triumph in making connections after a natural disaster

In response to the deadly natural disasters the summer of 2017, the Red Cross was in urgent need of expanding their call center to receive and respond to thousands of desperate individuals and agencies – and they needed a resolution quickly. Amazon Connect was able to serve as the flexible and scalable solution immediately and the AWS and VoiceFoundry team sent up a new call center with phone lines, call routing rules and trained agents within 48 hours.

About American Red Cross

In August 2017, the American Red Cross, doing exactly what they are known and relied upon to do, quickly deployed hundreds of volunteers providing food and shelter to thousands of displaced Texans during Hurricane Harvey.  The disaster was compounded by a series of five additional large and complex disasters, including back-to-back hurricanes over the next 45 days.  The scale of the damage and the amount of assistance required caused a flood of phone calls that quickly overwhelmed the Red Cross call center. As a result, the Red Cross engaged the services of VoiceFoundry, an AWS Partner and expert in the implementation of Amazon Connect.


The Red Cross needed to augment their call center to receive and respond to calls from thousands of individuals and agencies located in three different geographical areas.  The focus was to create a minimal yet viable solution that could begin adding value quickly.  The project had to be developed and deployed in a matter of hours, not days or months.  In addition, volunteer agents needed to be trained to handle the overflow of highly emotional phone calls.


Overnight, the Red Cross assembled a team led by VoiceFoundry, specialists in the implementation of Amazon Connect, a self-service cloud-based contact center service.  Within 48 hours, a new call center was in operation with new phone lines, established call routing rules and newly trained agents – a process that would normally have taken 4-5 months.



AWS Connect quickly scaled to handle calls from those in need.  Scalability enabled the ability to connect heroes faster.

Fast Deployment

Rapid response is necessary in a disaster and VoiceFoundry was able to step in, analyze the challenge, recommend and then implement the solution in a matter of hours, rather than days.


A passion for customer experience mixed with expert knowledge of AWS Connect, enabled us to assist the Red Cross in their vision of serving those in need quickly and effectively.

About VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry is passionate about customer experience. We specialize in the delivery of cloud-based enterprise contact center solutions and are uniquely focused on helping businesses develop a strong cloud migration strategy. We are experts at deploying solutions based on the Amazon Web Services portfolio with a special focus on Amazon Connect for contact centers.

Our expertise is focused on AI & natural language automation, CTI, enterprise integration, user experience design, analytics and workforce optimization. With a relentless pursuit of customer success, our team strives to disprove the notion that software projects have to be painful – and that technology must hurt to work.