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Amazon Connect: Beyond the Basics – Advanced Reporting

Amazon Connect: Beyond the Basics Mini-Workshop Series

This small group, interactive workshop series offers an opportunity to take your Amazon Connect skillset to the next level. In this technical series, we'll dive deep into some advanced features of Amazon Connect, for those already familiar with the basic Amazon Connect services.

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Advanced Reporting

This 2-hour virtual workshop covers core concepts related to the creation and configuration of Amazon QuickSight and its capability to provide insights into your Amazon Connect historical data. This session will require:

  • A general knowledge of various common AWS services leveraged alongside Amazon Connect (Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch)
  • An intermediate understanding of queue and agent-based contact center reporting metrics. (Preferred) A basic understanding of the Connect Contact Trace Record (CTR) and the data it contains
  • An understanding of what it takes to create your own Amazon Connect instance, editing IVR contact flows, and making custom Contact Attributes
  • (Preferred) High-level understanding of data schemas. The Connect CTRs are stored and given a schema for QuickSight to use. An understanding of database schemas would be beneficial for attendees, but not strictly necessary.

This small interactive workshop will provide some insight to this functionality and demonstrate the capabilities of QuickSight and the kinds of in-depth analyses you can get from Amazon Connect using strictly AWS-centric services.

Who Should Watch

Solutions Architects, IT decision makers, and business stakeholders who have some familiarity with Amazon Connect’s capabilities and want to understand the value and effort needed to add additional reporting and dashboarding features.


Lecture: Introduction & History of Amazon Connect

  • Who is VoiceFoundry
  • The history of Amazon Connect
  • Key features Amazon Connect

Overview of QuickSight

  • Architecture alongside Amazon Connect
  • Integration strategies
  • QuickSight AI insights

Demo: QuickSight Dashboards

  • Overview of Standard Dashboards
    • Queue-Based
    • Agent-Based
    • Contact Lens integration
  • New Dashboard Creation
    • Adding Custom Attributes to reports

Q&A: Reporting Strategies with Amazon Connect

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Kyle Moeller

Solutions Architect

Joshua Rodriguez

Solutions Architect

About VoiceFoundry

With a legacy of over 40 years in the contact center environment, VoiceFoundry provides customized contact center solutions that empower customers to deliver intelligent and dynamic customer experiences across all channels, leveraging AWS. VoiceFoundy specializes in the design and delivery of Amazon Connect, a cloud-based enterprise contact center solution used globally.