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Amazon Connect: Beyond the Basics - Lex Self-Service

Amazon Connect: Beyond the Basics Mini-Workshop Series

This small group, interactive workshop series offers an opportunity to take your Amazon Connect skillset to the next level. In this technical series, we'll dive deep into some advanced features of Amazon Connect, for those already familiar with the basic Amazon Connect services.

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Amazon Connect: Beyond the Basics - Lex Self-Service

This 2-hour virtual session covers core concepts related to the creation and configuration of Amazon Lex and its capability to incorporate self-service interactions into your Amazon Connect call center. This session requires:

  • A general knowledge of various common AWS services leveraged alongside Amazon Connect (Amazon S3, Amazon CloudWatch)
  • A high-level understanding of voice and/or chat bot interactions
  • An understanding of what it takes to create your own Amazon Connect instance, edit IVR contact flows, and creation of a simple Lex bot
  • (Preferred) Understanding of API requests. True self-service enablement requires retrieving caller data from a 3rd party, most commonly a CRM or backend database. This session will provide a simple AWS CloudFormation script to use an Amazon DynamoDB table in place of a CRM for demonstration purposes.

This small-group interactive session will provide some insight into this new functionality and enable you to start your own testing and explore Lex’s capabilities.

Who Should Watch

Solution Architects, IT decision makers, and business stakeholders who have some familiarity with Amazon Connect’s capabilities and want to understand the value and effort to incorporate Lex-enabled self-service interactions.


Lecture: Introduction & History of Amazon Connect

  • Who is VoiceFoundry
  • The history of Amazon Connect
  • Key features of Amazon Connect

Overview of Amazon Lex

  • Architecture alongside Amazon Connect
  • Features of/changes in Lex v2
  • Strategies for caller data collection

Demo: Amazon Lex Self-Service

  • Amazon Lex bot Creation
    • Multi-intent
    • Built-in slots
    • Custom slots
  • Amazon Connect Implementation
    • Adding Lex to Amazon Connect
    • Replacing DTMF with Lex
    • Testing/Review in CloudWatch

Q&A: Amazon Lex with Connect

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Kyle Moeller

Solutions Architect

Kyle Moeller joined the VoiceFoundry team in 2018, first as a developer, then quickly moving to the business development group as a Solutions Architect. Prior to working at VoiceFoundry, he worked as a database administrator and software engineer. He joined VoiceFoundry to help companies move from legacy contact center solutions with heavy infrastructure requirements to cloud-based Amazon Connect.