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Amazon Connect: Beyond the Basics - PCI Compliance - On Demand

Amazon Connect: Beyond the Basics Mini-Workshop Series

This small group, interactive workshop series offers an opportunity to take your Amazon Connect skillset to the next level. In this technical series, we'll dive deep into some advanced features of Amazon Connect, for those already familiar with the basic Amazon Connect services.

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Beyond the Basics - PCI Compliance

In this 2-hour virtual workshop we will explore 3 methods of taking credit card payments with Amazon Connect and the different use cases for each:

  • DTMF card payments
  • Speech enabled card payments
  • Agent assisted card payments within a CRM/Agent Desktop

We will explore the technical and compliance requirements around PCI and how Amazon Connect and SequenceShift can support reducing PCI requirements scope.

Who Should Watch

Solution Architects, IT decision makers, and business stakeholders who have some familiarity with Amazon Connect’s capabilities and want a better understand of PCI compliance with Amazon Connect.


Introduction & History of Amazon Connect

  • Who are VoiceFoundry & SequenceShift
  • The history of Amazon Connect
  • Key features of Amazon Connect

What is PCI Compliance for Contact Center

  • High-level customer requirements
  • AWS’s Shared Responsibility Model
  • Who it applies to (size, location of companies)
  • What’s coming up in PCI 4.0

Solutions & Demos

  • DTMF based solution
    • Architecture
    • Contact flows
    • Demo
  • Speech based solution
    • Architecture
    • Contact flows
    • Demo
  • Agent assisted solution
    • Architecture
    • Contact flows
    • Demo

Q&A: Amazon Connect PCI

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Daniel Bloy

Executive Director - Voice Foundry

Dmitri Muntean

Founder & Managing Director - SequenceShift