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Amazon Connect has excellent reporting features out-of-the-box, but what if you wanted to expand the built-in reporting to derive even richer insights about agent performance, handle times or other efficiencies? Could integrating this data across the wider AWS Ecosystem help to pinpoint issues and enable proactive solutions faster? The Advanced Reporting solution leverages services such as Elasticsearch, Kibana, Amazon QuickSight and more to enhance reporting capabilities which ultimately create a more intelligent and holistic picture of your contact center performance.

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About VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry is a leading integration and technology supplier to customers focused on leveraging the power of Amazon Connect and other peripheral AWS Services surrounding the Connect ecosystem. VoiceFoundry was one of the very first Amazon Connect partners, launching its practice in 2016 alongside the AWS unveiling of Amazon Connect. With offices in North America, Sydney, London and Singapore, VoiceFoundry is a global specialty partner helping businesses achieve success and transformation in the contact center using AWS.