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A Proven Solution for Public Safety and Disaster Response

Do you have the ability to immediately respond if your primary contact center loses all connectivity?

Having a business continuity plan in a disaster is significantly magnified when it comes to contact centers and serving customers. No matter if your agents are taking incoming support or sales calls, it’s a well-known fact that customers who can’t reach you won’t be customers for long.

With VoiceFoundry’s Public Safety and Disaster Response service, we ensure the availability of your mission-critical contact center. With scalable, flexible and comprehensive capabilities you can be assured that, in the event of a natural disaster or human-error-related outage, it is “business as usual” for your customers.

VoiceFoundry offers a proven solution built around Amazon Connect for organizations across all industries and profiles.

Key Capabilities

  • Instant failover for your contact center
  • Scale and burst capability around AWS
  • Immediately stand up instant connectivity for agents around the globe
  • Complete bursting and failover when nature strikes
  • Port existing applications and agent integration seamlessly with Amazon Connect

How to quickly handle spiking call volume due to COVID-19

Leveraging Amazon Connect to meet urgent call demands and remote workforce requirements.

Benefits of a Disaster Response Solution


Triumph in Making Connections After a Natural Disaster – Red Cross Case Study

Smarter and Reliable Customer Experience – Agero Case Study 


DR Expertise

Leverage our team of experienced public safety and disaster response experts to help plan and implement your DR strategy.


Quickly ramp up and scale contact center operations on demand in an event of a disaster with pay-as-you-go pricing.

Cost Control

VoiceFoundy eliminates the need for you to have dedicated staff for DR, reduces CapEx, and provides predictable operational costs.

Fast Response

Restore normal contact center operations in minutes — even full site failovers or specific application failover can be completed from anywhere with just a few clicks.