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Experience the benefits of a cloud-based contact center with Amazon Connect

A sponsored AWS Bootcamp is an opportunity to dive deep into the benefits of deploying the Amazon Connect cloud-based contact center solution. The goal of this course is to provide you with a complete understanding of the core concepts related to the provisioning, configuration and management of Amazon Connect. This course will equip you with a general knowledge of the various AWS services leveraged by Amazon Connect as well as knowledge of available integration methods to CRM, WFM and execution of Lambda functions in order to create call-flow integrations.


Gain insights from the VoiceFoundry and Amazon Web Services team as they guide you through the course helping you gain the core concept knowledge for provisioning and configuring Amazon Connect. Our team of specialists are highly experienced in working with businesses to quickly drive change in contact centers looking to leverage the power of Amazon Connect.



Registration opens soon


Registration opens soon


March 10-11,2020


April 14, 2020

Explore the powerful new features of Amazon Connect

The VoiceFoundry  team will take you through an exciting one-hour Spotlight Webinar course helping you gain the core concept knowledge for utilizing the powerful capabilities of Amazon Connect. Throughout this course, we will take you through the History of Amazon Connect, discussing the marketing leading features and capabilities, and focus on the newest capabilities of Amazon Connect.


Learn from VoiceFoundry’s very own, Daniel Bloy, Practice Lead EMEA and Asad Chagtai. This team of specialists have been working with hundreds of businesses to quickly drive changes in contact centers looking to leverage the power of Amazon Connect.

Spotlight Webinars

Web & Mobile Chat

February 24, 2020

Talk shop with other AWS professionals

AWS Tulsa invites you to connect with other local AWS professionals and hear about all the latest news and features from AWS.


Alejandra Olvera-Novack, Developer Advocate, AWS will be filling you in on all the things you may have missed from AWS re:Invent 2019

AWS Tulsa Meetup Events

AWS re:Invent Recap

February 11, 2020