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As you know, Amazon is taking over the world. Ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but it sure does seem like it! Every day I wake up to what seems like yet another announcement that Amazon has entered a new sector and of course, within seconds, they are already dominating it. I am a proud supporter. Amazon has made its way into my everyday life on multiple levels. Their goal is to simplify and make life easier, something everyone should be about given the complexity of today’s world.

We are going to follow their lead and simplify something we do best here at Voice Foundry - help you design and deploy Amazon Cloud-based solutions to drive your business. I mean you probably wouldn’t purchase something if it didn’t come with prime two-day shipping so why use something else when it comes to your business?

Imagine talking to your computer… ok so you might not need to imagine that because I am confident that we have all done it. But what if it spoke back. And it not only used simple words like “yes” and “no”, but full conversational sentences which actually helped you accomplish a task. Sounds crazy but I’d like to introduce you to Amazon Lex.

Amazon Lex is a cognitive service (cognitive: of, relating to, being, or involving conscious intellectual activity such as thinking, reasoning, or remembering) that builds conversational interfaces using voice and text. It’s powered by the same engine as Alexa and can be implemented in agent and self-service customer transactions. Amazon Lex provides a more conversational approach allowing customers to quickly present and find answers to common issues traditionally handled by dated IVR systems. For your business this means reduced costs, more effective service agents, and ultimately an improved customer experience. No more “Press 1, Press 2” and we all just press 0.

Implementing Amazon Lex into your business utilizes chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces (i.e. voice) to interact with your customers. Your customers can now enjoy a conversation instead of a scripted and recorded voice.

So why should you switch? Check out the bigger picture. In order to stay competitive businesses need to recognize the infusion of technology in our daily lives which unlocks new potential for brand-to-consumer interaction. Simply put: without it, your competitor wins.

As mentioned before, technology (ok so we called it Amazon) is taking over the world and is becoming more interconnected in our daily lives than ever before. Our entire ecosystem is benefiting from the increased availability and intelligence of API’s. Forward thinking companies are identifying new and innovative touch points with their customers that are not only relevant, but highly personal and conversational. With Amazon Lex, the way we interact with brands and consumers will be forever changed.

Voice Foundry’s extensive experience in building highly sophisticated IVR (voice) and ITR (text) applications enables us to provide sophisticated applications through best business practices and deliver a highly engaging and unique experience with lifelike conversations.