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Tulsa, Oklahoma – November 21, 2017 – VoiceFoundry, a provider of enterprise cloud-based contact center solutions with a unique focus on customer engagement, today announced the release of a CTI Connector, offering advanced integration between Amazon Connect and ServiceNow®. The CTI Connector has been certified by ServiceNow signifying that VoiceFoundry has successfully completed a set of defined testing focused on integration and interoperability, security and performance. This certification ensures that best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of the VoiceFoundry CTI Connector application.

As part of VoiceFoundry’s extensive portfolio of services, the CTI Connector offers contact center agents the ability to easily look up customer profile information and more efficiently handle customer interactions. The Connector includes an advanced call control panel that integrates with ServiceNow's OpenFrame API, providing integration between ServiceNow and Amazon Connect, all while providing a friction-less user experience between both platforms.

This powerful integration includes click to dial and screen-pop functionality allowing quick access to customer data and more effective transactions. Specifically, the CTI Connector:

  • Provides control and management of calls using the native ServiceNow interface.
  • Collects and delivers call details and customer information from a AWS Connect/Lex voice bot to a ServiceNow empowered agent, reducing overall agent handle time.
  • Delivers customer information with a screen-pop that automatically dips into the ServiceNow database to provide caller relevant call information to the agent.
  • Allows agents to interact with the ServiceNow desktop to reach out and trigger key AWS Connect functions for originating calls or transferring callers.

“As part of VoiceFoundry’s extensive portfolio of services, our team is focused on partnering with technology providers to build an array of custom componentry that link AWS Connect with key enterprise solutions. The CTI Integration with ServiceNow and Amazon Connect delivers on that objective. This exciting application delivers deep CTI integration that improves the customer support experience and works towards making the day-to-day work activities simpler” said Gene Ellington, VP of Solutions Consulting for VoiceFoundry. “We look forward to working with ServiceNow to develop solutions that deliver on the promise of exceptional customer experiences.”

The VoiceFoundry CTI Connector is now available in the ServiceNow Store and in the Amazon Marketplace.

At VoiceFoundry, we look forward to continuing our work alongside great partners like ServiceNow to supply innovative, customer focused product offerings. We are devoted to developing and growing our business around the AWS Connect ecosystem. Our passion in delivering the best customer experiences, mixed with the right partnerships, fuels our strategic role in providing best-in-class contact center solutions.

About VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry is passionate about customer experience. We specialize in the delivery of cloud-based enterprise contact center solutions and are uniquely focused on helping businesses improve customer engagement, while maximizing the benefits of the cloud. Our expertise is focused on AI & natural language automation, CTI, enterprise integration, user experience design, analytics and workforce optimization. With a relentless pursuit of customer success, our team strives to disprove the notion that software projects have to be painful – and that technology must hurt to work. For more information, visit us at