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QuickLaunch for Amazon Connect

QuickLaunch for Amazon Connect

VoiceFoundry is focused on providing best-in-class consulting and migration services for Amazon Connect.

Our QuickLaunch for Amazon Connect program leverages our expertise in user experience design, development, and implementation enabling us to work with you in deploying the best possible solution in optimal time. Our QuickLaunch technology practice handles the heavy lifting of assessing and migrating existing solutions to Amazon Connect using a systematic process, rigorous project execution, and contact center expertise.

The process is meant to be simple, fast and efficient and provide the same level of value as you would expect from an Amazon related offering.

Core Components


At the heart of a technology migration process is the time we take to uncover the business requirements and gain a deep understanding of the objectives for the project. Our team is interested in understanding your customer behavior and overall application performance of your existing systems. With better knowledge of the current state, our team can quickly begin developing recommendations.


Once we have a deeper understanding of your existing contact center services, goals, and business objectives, we can evaluate the efficacy and nature of your current solutions and identify additional areas of opportunity to enhance the user and customer experience leveraging the power of AWS and its dozens of value add differentiators.


We realize sometimes the vision requires "proof points" and our expertise in the AWS tools and delivering user and customer experiences enables us to work with you in developing prototypes and "proof of concepts" to visualize the user or customer experience. We work closely with you to assist in building the vision and business justifications leveraging the power of AWS Connect and the associated customer experience product portfolio. In short, let us build out a small proof center that will show the power and capability of the AWS offering.


As with all projects, it is imperative to understand the impact to the business in terms of increased productivity and cost savings. We will evaluate the total impact and ROI from of the process, ranging from simply just moving existing applications to adjusting or enhancing applications using additional technology. For example, moving to the cloud has tremendous benefits for the bottom line and the AWS pricing model provides opportunities to contact centers that have never been previously offered. Our team can quickly do a side by side analysis of both CAPEX and OPEX variables, addressing hardware, software, maintenance, application and platform support as well as hosting and infrastructure to rapidly assess the value proposition around AWS Connect.


With a complete understanding of the business, its existing applications, and expected ROI, our team is equipped to design a rapid migration strategy and roadmap to move your contact center to the Amazon Connect platform. This strategy will be unique and personalized to your company’s specific requirements, consistent with your business objectives as well as highlight risk points and areas of concern that should be understood regardless of your migration plans.


The development process puts the design recommendations into practice taking advantage of the ease of use and uncomplicated implementation that the Amazon Connect platform affords. We combine a single, proven deployment methodology with the right tools and technology to accelerate the migration strategy of your contact center and help you move forward in exploring truly differentiated customer experience opportunities.


Flexible, customer defined support keeps our migration plan and objectives at peak performance is the intention of QuickLaunch. Ongoing support is key to ensuring that your migration goes smoothly and post migration delivers on the expected results. We can reduce the workload and dependency on IT resources by offering support as needed to help keep the momentum of the project and increase speed of the migration. Our ultimate goal is to empower and enable you to support your systems and use our services as an added value to your project.