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Operations Management Portal for Amazon Connect

Operations Management Portal for Amazon Connect by VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry’s Operations Management Portal provides a simplified solution for managing and customizing your Amazon Connect contact center operations, enabling you to reduce contact center management overhead, streamline operations, simplify agent processes and workflows, and provide a more personalized experience to every customer engagement through a simplified, dynamic interface.

By automating the management of your contact center environment, you can reduce time spent on manual environment configuration, gain valuable insights into your data, and improve the overall customer experience by empowering agents with streamlined tools, processes, and analytics.

Operations Management Portal

VoiceFoundry’s Operations Management Portal maximizes your Amazon Connect operations with improved management, customization, and control of contact center processes, operations, and data.

Simplified Calendar Management

Automated, streamlined management of all contact center calendar features and functions

Custom Messaging Configurations

Auto-configuration of customized messaging sets

Custom Call Flow Configurations

Input custom attribute key/value pairs and multi-language prompts to drive custom business logic

Dynamic Flow Management

Configure and apply dynamic entry flows, menus, and queue flows for multiple contact center environments

Environment Syncing

Automated syncing and mapping of contact center configuration and processes across Amazon Connect environments

Contact Search

Fast and easy contact and call search to view call details and recordings

Role-Based Access Control

  • Segregate Lines of Business or customers on a single instance
  • Customize permissions to individual features down to the resource level by role
  • Manually set permissions or automate using security profiles, routing profiles, or agent hierarchy

Unified Data Dashboard

Real time metrics for queues, routing profiles and agents

Key features

  • Calendar management
  • Custom configuration sets
  • Menu management
  • Environment sync
  • Contact search
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Real-time metrics
  • Blacklist numbers
  • VIP numbers

Operations Management Portal

Customizing the contact center

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