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Scheduled Callbacks for Amazon Connect

VoiceFoundry’s Scheduled Callbacks for Amazon Connect allows customers to schedule a call back from a contact center agent at a specified, chosen date and time. By allowing customers to schedule their own call back using the Amazon Connect chat widget or on an automated voice call, you can give customers more control over their own schedule, reduce wait times, and increase convenience. Scheduled Callbacks can also be used by agents to pre-program automated outbound calls, improving agent efficiency.

Feature Overview

Allow customers to choose the most convenient time for them while automating the process for your agents, providing a more streamlined process for everyone.

Broad Time Slot Options

Offer up to 20 date slots for customers to choose from

Confirmation Messages

Auto-send confirmation texts and reminder texts when the customer’s scheduled time frame occurs

Personalized Time Zone

Personalize the time zone to each customer when using the chat

Key Features

  • Customizable date picker – Customize the length of the call back window and the number of callbacks within a specific timeframe to fit your agents’ needs
  • Personalized time zone
  • Broad time slot range options
  • Customizable chatbot messaging
  • Call recognition – Auto-identify callbacks that have already been scheduled to avoid duplicating requests
  • Confirmation texts
  • Managed with Amazon Connect
  • Syncs with pre-programmed hours of operation

Scheduled Callbacks

Increase customer convenience, on their schedule

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