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Extended Softphone for Amazon Connect

Extended Softphone for Amazon Connect by VoiceFoundry

VoiceFoundry’s Extended Softphone is a web application that builds upon Amazon Connect’s native Contact Control Panel (CCP). Contact center agents receive a unified view of their contacts and interactions with features like a customizable screen pop, contact attributes display, phone directory, customizable caller ID for outbound dialing, agent transfer capabilities, queue metrics insight, and call history data.

Adding VoiceFoundry’s Extended Softphone to Amazon Connect’s out-of-the-box Contact Control Panel (CCP) improves your agent experience by adding supplementary features, enhancing capabilities, and adding customization options for a more unified system.

Extended Softphone

Improve agent experience with a unified system


Customizable Date

  • Provide contact center agents with a unified view of their contacts and interactions, streamlining their experience and empowering them with the data they need to personalize their customer interactions.

Screen Pop

  • Multi-tab enabled screen pop displays the page of your choice, such as CRM, Chime, or Amazon Connect Customer Profile

Customizable Call Details

  • Configurable display features custom information like customer name, queue name, call flow, or last payment date

Phone Directory

  • Features easy look-up, click-to-call functionality, configurable and contextual based on queue

Manual Outbound Calls

  • Customize your outbound caller ID on a call-by-call basis for increased personalization

Queue Metrics

  • Displays metrics for all queues the agent is a member of, including number of contacts waiting in each queue, wait time, agent availability, and more 

Call History

  • Displays the agent’s personal call history with redial functionality


  • Note the interaction in a post-call disposition, which is stored on the contact attribute and can be searched for in the database

Key features

  • Screen pop
  • Collapsible menu panel
  • Call details configurable to info you want to display
  • Phone directory with click-to-call functionality
  • Customizable outbound caller ID
  • Contact attribute display
  • Agent transfer
  • Queue metrics
  • Queue transfer
  • Call history data
  • Call recording